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what really matters.

If you have read my last two blogs post you know how much I admire the way these two chose keep it simple. And in keeping it simple I think they stuck to what really matters, each other and their future. And the best part is that it ensured for a fun filled night! This is Joey getting ready(: Busy guy.

 T & J-2-2

And Tiana....writing a love note!

 T & J-35

Look at those huge orchids and look at those flower girl skills!

 T & J-4-2


 T & J-5-2


 T & J-6-2

After the ceremony these two got hugs and hugs and more hugs. Each more and more heartfelt than the one before.

 T & J-7-2


 T & J-9-2


 T & J-13-2

 T & J-14-2

 T & J-10-2

This backyard wedding was a dessert only gig. Just look at this lineup up. All DIY in every way!

 T & J-3-2

I saw more than a few people taking extra helping taken of these! Yum!

 T & J-12-2


 T & J-11-2

 T & J-8-2









 T & J-18-2


 T & J-16-2

 T & J-19-2


 T & J-21-2


 T & J-22-2

Love is patient, love is kind.....love is FUN!!!

PS for photographers:

If you want a good challenge, shoot a night time outdoor wedding(:

And if that is a piece of pie for you I need all your secrets!

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