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Dear Aimee & Matt, Your friendship made the editing process such a privilege as I got to relive your wedding again and again. The images will stay with me and help me to treasure your wedding for a long time.  I truly hope these photographs help you recover all the moments that brought such joy brimming to the surface. Even though that June day was simply beautiful I imagine you living yours day to day with each other even more beautifully. Truly, Aimee you treat me as good as a sister and I am so grateful for you allowing me into so many intimate moments through my lens. And Matt I am thrilled you came into her life.


PS...I need to see more of those pictures from Italy!

The story that was told all day long was of God's faithfulness to bring two precious individuals together. It was a fun and touching, simple and thoughtful kind of day.




Aimee is the middle of three gorgeous girls and the last to get hitched. She has some very sweet and godly marriages to look up to.

The sisters got ready in what was to also be their honeymoon suite at the newest hotel of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the Waikikian.


Aimee is looking very cool and very pretty in this image, but what this image doesn't tell you is that she is one of the architects who helped designed the Waikikian and therefore this very suite!

Seeing each other before the wedding was not only emotional and touching but I could see how much it put the two at ease for the rest of the day.


Love this little photo bomb!

I absolutely love how these young girls were oodling over Aimee's bouquet. What you don't know is that they also oodled for a long time over her dress and her hair and her jewelry. It was one of my favorites moments to witness.



The ring bearer on the left and the gorgeous lavender flowers sent to the florist straight from Maui's lavender farm in Kula. Aimee and Matt had their Ku'uipo Session  there to honor Aimee's love for Italy and her choice to bring the Italian spirit into the whole wedding.








Loved the way they incorporated their engagement photographs into the decor for the reception.

Italian sodas were handmade for everyone. I had no idea they were so simple to make and so scrumptious. They also had Buca Di Beppo cater the meal in honor of all things Italian.



A surprise serenade by sisters and husbands made the whole room light up with sweetness.


I had to include this picture because Aimee and Matt were actually set were set up by these two very discerning matchmakers.

After the ceremony Matt and Aimee headed to the Diamond Head Memorial to honor Matt's mother with love and remembrance.


The sunset beckoned us back to the Waikikian where Aimee could admire her handiwork while embraced in her husbands arms.








This setting brought a sweet completion to the day, with the moon set and the Waikiki lights glowing they walked hand in hand towards their new future as Mr and Mrs Pang....and. we. all. sigh. in. awe. at this thing called marriage!!