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the time is now.

one of the ways God gets my attention is through repetition. these last two days i have read and heard in conversations 'the time is now' probably on 6-7 occasions. so what is it time for? twitter. yup.


can you believe 'ajja' was taken? i never have to deal with that! joining twitter probably doesn't sound like such a big deal, not something that i would need to 'hear from God' about, but i tend to a more private kind of person.  i blogged for months before telling people and only friended people on facebook who were really my friends. trying to keep life simple, i stayed away from twitter which seemed to be just another form of social media. but twitter persists and i continue to hear about how uniquely great it can be. i am slow to join, but not quick to abandon. most of my circle of friends just aren't involved on the twitters, so strangers prepare to be followed!

be assured you will hear more about the other 'now's' as i endeavor to not put off the bigger, scarier ones that will take a whole lot more time and effort than signing up for twitter.

welcome to my twitterland

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