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The Open Road

Road trips are always epic..... But if there is a road trip that is going to live up to being beyond epic, it was Highway 1 going up the coast of California.

I started the trip catching up with friends and family in California and then my best friend, Kristin,  flew out from Philadelphia to meet me in LA. When I lived in Philadelphia she was my road trip queen. We had such fun reminiscing on all the places we were able to see and things we did in our cars. This trip is our way of continuing our tradition, regardless of the 4000 miles and Pacific in our way.

The entire trip, as we bounced our way up the coast and hit the touristy spots we were often asked where we were from. When I said 'Hawaii' and Kristin said 'Philly'....everyones faces would light up and they would say 'So you met half way!' We endlessly found ourselves proud of our accomplishment of making this trip happen; a sweet gift.

We are gonna back it up and start these pictures from the end, like a good Japanese book.

Colorful San Fransisco










Sunny & Sexy Sonoma






Peaceful & Poetic Point Reyes








Majestic Muir Woods



Hungry and Thoughtful Kristin

Coastal Pacifica


Classic Carmel






Rejuvenating Nepenthe Restaurant, Big Sur



Tragically Beautiful McWay Falls



Entertaining Elephant Seals


Winged San Simeon




Quaint Cambria

Melancholy Morrow Bay








Somewhere near San Louis Obisbo.


Boaty Santa Barbara


Where did all the road trip freedom start? Venice Beach!

If you got this far you might understand the whirlwind of 5 days we experienced. With all the action I put aside my storytelling side with these images and let myself indulge in an image here and there.  This trip was everything it needed to be for me, kind of like what Kristin is like as a friend.