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The Gray's Rock Maui! Day One.

Thanks to Anna's persistance and planning Maui had the pleasure of having Zach and Jody of Gray Photography come and give their In Camera Workshops. These two are huge believers in teaching photographers how to get killer images INSIDE of their cameras. Why? They know we don't want to spend time in front of the computer because we live on Maui!

These two not only look like rock stars but they have rock star personalities to go along with their huge hearts.

On this morning I finally got myself the most formal teaching I have ever had when it comes to photography. It was like connecting a lot the dots for me.

Here is Jody looking like she is levitating this diffuser and Zach like he is directing traffic.


But really, it's all about the light!


Soft pretty light.


Here they are demonstrating the clam shell.



Zach got a taste of our Maui wind. We got quite the laugh watching him run after this diffuser(:


Here is a fantastic before and after example. Harsh, yucky light before the diffuser.


Yummy and creamy light after! (Just a reminder, no post production on these images!)


Miss Heather Peach working the wind to her advantage.



Back to the Maui Country Club to spy for and conjure up light..... and to find refuge from the wind.


Here is an after and before for ya.


Before. Oh yeah, made us wonder why we don't all have life sized walking diffusers following us around!


One other secret of the day.....let me just say Expo Disc!


Zach, kickin' it with his diffuser, doing what he does best, helping photographers get amazing images!


After tons of shooting time and practice we went back to our Gray classroom o' fun and learned SO many more tricks of their trade in regards to post production.