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The Gray's Rock Maui. Day 3.

These two, oh yes, they are fun! I know that is why their clients LOVE them. But to sit in on Day 3, Business and Marketing,  I know why they have been SO successful, they work hard, really hard. But there is such a love there that it seems they don't work hard at all. Integrity and boundaries are two words that really seem to sum up the way they run their business. They know the in's and out's of what they do and it gives them such clear intentions of why they are doing it.  Or maybe it's the other way around?! Either way I was so impressed with how they had such a great way of making it all seem SO attainable for me. I need that, simple, clear direction when it comes to business.

My favorite thing about the day was the time at the end of the day set aside to make a goal or two after all that we had heard. Drumroll please.....my goal was to create a checklist for an ideal workflow for one wedding. I am happy to say I finished it, but it was actually very easy after all the tips, tricks and inspiration they gave. Seriously, they were such open books and for that I am so grateful.

How do you like those two Nashville shakas? Hang loose, Maui misses you two.