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Maui Hawaii Wedding Photographer - Photographic Journal

The Gray's Rock Maui. Day 2.

This day was so much fun. Zach and Jody  have such a great ability to set you up for success. We were particularly blessed to have a small group which meant we had a lot of different set up's and chances to practice. Again, their methods are meant to give you the best 'in camera' images, which means less time in front of the computer! I love this. A lot. Look at us here; we were the lighting tramps of Paia for the afternoon!


Zach explaining the in's and out's of the light meter. Such a happy tool I have never had the privilege of using.


Just a pretty picture for ya! No lighting here. Look at her cool pinky tattoo!


Zach rocking it for us in the first set up.

Here is Anna setting up for our new spot.

Ashley showing me some shoulder for this 'before' shot without light.


Now you can see a little more of that shoulder, but even better her eyes!


Here you can the see the Paia slide (traffic) going along getting a good view of our little outdoor studio.

They gave us such a useful and simple formula for setting up these shots. Took the intimidation factor right out of off camera lighting.


Zach using his modeling skills here. Though I think this looks closer to a yoga pose!

Show her how it is done Zach!


Another set up with Jody. Jan getting some feedback. She had an Olympus (I believe the rest of us were Canon shooters) and both Zach and Jody bent over backwards to make sure she was taken car of. Awesome.

Look at that palm tree grazing Jody's side. Thanks for coming to paradise and working!


Zach giving us the second light low down.


Happy Photography couple. They even wore matching colors for the occasion!

Anna laughing with Zach about the excitement over his images and this process. Truly never a dull moment here.

Here is an after and before for ya.

We really had such a beautiful night.


Two more images with some back lighting added, you know because that is what us off camera lighting folks like to do.


In all seriousness I am excited to continue to get really confident with this and make this my own. I can see so much versatility in being able to incorporate this and putting my own 'ajja' on it.