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tasty crust

one of my favorite things about  going to new york city for the weekend was sunday morning brunch. first off, new york city is the place for cool dining options! second of all, what's better than brunch food anyway? must have hash browns! on top of that there was always an intrigue for me as I people watched and wondered what everyone had been up to the night before. as i ate at tasty crust in my little hometown of wailuku this last sunday i pretended i was having brunch in nyc. it's got charm, great food and we had to wait for a table.

my brother is in town for the holidays!

can you spot the big silver bowl chock full of butter?

fried rice with scrabble eggs.

they know how sweet this place is!

hotcakes as big as your head! (i got banana:)

crusty hash browns and The Maui News.

chocolate shakes here, no mimosas.

and.....off to the beach.... and that is where maui trumps nyc sunday morning brunch!

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