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take time for tea.

Dear crazy cartwheelers, I have missed you and I know, oh yes I know you have some great tricks to show off. So do your splits and practice your Spring Show routine cause here I come!

And look at this awesome tea party we had! You look so pretty.

Miss Ajja

This is just another set of photographs that has me SO excited to go back to Pennsylvania. I took these the day before I moved back in September and these incredible faces never got a chance to say hello to you all! So meet my friends Hayley, Ellie and Teagan. I have a lot to learn from them because they know how to PLAY.  They also KNOW  how to smile genuinely at the camera because they KNOW without a shadow of a doubt they are loved, beautiful and cute!

 3 girls!-2


 3 girls!-5


 3 girls!-3


 3 girls!-4



 3 girls!-12


 3 girls!-17


 3 girls!-16


 3 girls!-33


 3 girls!-21


 3 girls!-24


 3 girls!-26


 3 girls!-22


 3 girls!-25


 3 girls!-8


 3 girls!-34



 3 girls!-36


 3 girls!-37