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right now i have three roommates; barb the owner of the house and my PA mom, also sean and sarah who both moved in this fall. the reason i mention this is because they are the ones who made things so fun during this second storm in which it literally snowed for 24 hours straight.  i really enjoyed sleeping in and lazily watching the snow fall. i also really enjoyed barb's inspiration to cook for us. she also made history for me in that I had never had mushrooms in my breakfast, lunch and dinner. so delicious. i also found out that sarah is a super model. i mean super! she happily joined me as i took advantage of the unique setting God had provided. i am sure she had no idea what she was getting into, but through the process she proved to me  she is as adventurous, open and much more fun than i had originally though she was. the day passed by quickly with this bunch. here is the first little batch of sarah. more to come.

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