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Maui Hawaii Wedding Photographer - Photographic Journal

Sami and Mommy.

Kim, I love the new mommy I saw in you while visiting. I love the new sporty mini van, but especially the giggles that come out of you watching your lil Sami do new things like stick out her tongue. I am so proud of what you have accomplished since I have know you and so happy to see you enjoy all of God's good gifts in your life.



One of the biggest joys of visiting Philadelphia is getting to meet and reunite with my friends kids! Kim and I worked arm and arm for nearly 8 years at Aerials Gymnastics. We saw each other through  A LOT of snot filled tears and huge life victories during that time. I had the privilege of photographing her wedding at the Phoenixville Foundry a few years back. And then I moved and she had this darling one. I wish my day to day still found me laughing and sharing with these two. Aren't they beautiful?! They are quite fun too(;