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Have you ever thought about how macadamia nuts grow? You know the nuts that us Hawaiians are always covering with chocolate and getting tourists to buy in bulk for friends and family. Yeah, well I thought it would fun to prance through some fields of mac nut trees as a fun alternative to my beach time with Sheena and Thumper. We found out quickly that these fields were not pranec-able, I mean, barely even tolerable they were so overgrown and abandoned. Here is how they rocked these fields anyways.

sheena and thumper-8

sheena and thumper-5

Sheen and Thumper. aka two of my little brother's best friends.

sheena and thumper-6

Thumper. aka inline skater extraordinaire.

sheena and thumper-7

Sheena. aka mango pie. she is that sweet!

sheena and thumper-11

Thumper. aka Hi Focused.

sheena and thumper-12

As edgy and fun as this abandoned burnt out truck was we hightailed out of there after we saw this furry guy in the bed.

sheena and thumper-13

Good night that is creepy!

sheena and thumper-8

Last but not least.

sheena and thumper-9

Sheena and Thumper. aka cool and in love.

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