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Maui Hawaii Wedding Photographer - Photographic Journal

Raseta & Chris

  Dear Raseta & Chris,

You are on my favorite island in world right now, Kauai, and I can almost hear your giggles of delight as you relax and basque in the beauty of the island and each other. You look into each other's eyes with such adoration and it makes me believe in love. Raseta you laugh with all of your heart and Chris you climb on into that laughter and there you two seem to be one. You let me into that joy and closeness as I photographed you, it was pretty fun and kind of special. Thank you.  I look forward to talking story with you over the years, hearing about all the adventures that your love on Maui will bring.

Aloha Ajja

These two got married in the magical Japanese gardens in Iao Valley. I HEART that place, even if has gotten a bit overpopulated, it has memories and a mystique that is hard to explain.

The ceremony was simple and heartfelt. Chris spoke with such sincerity about his love for Raseta and Raseta's smile was bigger than our hearts could contain. Even in the rain we all sort of sighed in awe at this cute couple!

After prancing through the bamboo forest we headed up to Pukalani to party!

If you have never heard me say it before, I will declare it again, I love local weddings. They have a simple touch to them that really bring together a couples community. The aunties, the uncles, the cousins and the hanai (adopted) family. You can see it in all the details, where the food is bought where the flowers are purchased and who does the ceremony. It's all very meaningful, just the way a wedding should be!

Here you see all the best local fixings provided by Pukalani Superette. Best mac salad, best chow fun, best everything! Large plates were savored and devoured.

These cakes were from Broke Da Mouth bakery, filled with Lilikoi, Guava and Haupia! That is just how I like my shave ice too(:

And I have to thank Raseta for these, she gave me my favorite bridal portraits to date. G-g-g-gorge ous!