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Maui Hawaii Wedding Photographer - Photographic Journal

Photo Booth!

Here are some of my favorites moments from the photo booth. I love how much fun people had with just a few simple props. Here is the link to all the pictures:

Launch Party Photo Booth!

These two made the props for me and did such a fantastic job. Just what I envisioned. Silly hats and oversized bow ties! They also pulled off  my favorite picture of the night!

This is Becca. This is from a really cool series of pictures to share later. She also brought this photo booth backdrop to life. She also brings a bunch of other things to life over here. I was so grateful as she took all my random ideas and put it all together in one backdrop of lovely!

This is June of Pixiebug Studios. She ran the photo booth all night so I could enjoy myself, but something told me she was having a ball herself too! She surprised me with all the jokes she had up her sleeve for us!

Pau.....around these parts means finished! This was the end of the night....clearly.....I celebrated a night well done!

Thank you again to Katie, Katira, Becca and June who helped this photo booth be AWESOME!