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oh that hat!

here is the second round of pictures with sarah in the snow. i really am curious about what you think. i kind of went out on a limb at times with these....well really my super model did and wonder if it worked. let me know which you love, don't care for or give some of them a caption or title.

if you look closely to the tree's trunk down in the bottom right of the picture it is busted in half.  the weight of the snow took it down. this is the same tree from the first set of pics, but in those she was under it! we had heard other branches breaking in neighborhood and half way joked around about it falling while she was under there. yikes, so glad it didn't! it was also about 2 minutes later we heard snow thunder. what a unique day it was.

this last image still makes sarah and i laugh out loud every time we look at it.

remember to let me know what you think of these. what do they remind you? is it just too weird to see her lying in the snow? i had so much fun with this shoot and am really happy to share these with the world! enjoy them because they have no other purpose than for you to enjoy;)

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