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of water and birds in the waikamoi preserve

here is a link to all my pictures from this fun hike. the entire fern and moss package (:

here are a few of my favorites.

here mike is telling about how to respect the native part of the forest we are about to enter.

mike neal, fearless leader and famous bird photographer in passionate education mode(:

waikamoi preserve-3

the maui alauahio (video of birds/pictures mike took), which we saw right by our cars, he was  a brave lil one! hungry too i guess?!

waikamoi preserve-35

steps that go right through the native forest with ohia lehua and koa trees.

waikamoi preserve-52

know the legend of the ohia lehua?

waikamoi preserve-54

love me some rainbow fern!

fern love!

ferns and moss!

waikamoi preserve-75

preservation and multiplication of this forest equals preservation of = more native birds + more safe clean water for us

mike neal works with the east maui water shed. he does a lot of education with the schools.  he educated me about how the forest effects our water supply. check it out, support if you can! http://www.eastmauiwatershed.org/Watersheds/healthyforest.htm

east maui watershednature conservatory are both doing loads to help. these links will teach you more and give you the opportunity to go yourself.

this hike was sponsored by smugmug.

happy, but tired smugmuggers!

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