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Native & Pure

So apparently I think it is exhilarating to bite off more than I can chew! Instead of simply launching my new brand and website I thought it would be a good idea to have a party to go along with it. Ambitious, yes, worth it, yes, exhausting, yes! I wanted to make sure and celebrate what I had just created and to do it with the people I see from day to day and whole heartedly support me regardless. There was something so confirming to transform what had been created online into the something tangible so that everyone could enjoy. When I first received my business cards in the mail from Making Brands Happen,  my sister said they looked 'native and pure', so this became how I created, how I shopped and how I made decisions.

I wanted people to experience my site in many different ways so I had an iMac, iPad and a MacBook. I suppose anyone could have whipped out their iPhone to enjoy as we.  And if you don't know or recognize the flower, it's a tuberose, one of Hawaii's well loved flowers that is used often because of it's intensely divine smell.

This lovely chandelier had it's beginnings from inspiration on Pinterest, a virtual idea board. Come follow my pins! Thanks to my friend Laurie for bringing my ideas to life!

Every shell you see here was found on the shores of Maui and every piece of driftwood was collected by my own two hands.

This photograph is a wall cling, basically a very large sticker that can placed and be moved over and over again with no mess and the stickiness remains. It is such a cool way to print images, I am very excited to offer them.

The owners and my bosses at Valley Isle Gymnastics generously offered to let me have the party in their lobby. It was so fun magically transform the place from what I see almost everyday into a party land!

Look at all this food.....all sweet sweet treats! I really wanted to keep all the things made on Maui and all my local favorites. So I had cupcakes made by a friend, who also made the cutest little flags with my website and tagline. The red velvet with cream cheese frosting was so beautiful in my mouth!

There was cascaron, a yummy Filipino dessert from Four Sisters Bakery. Also, the best macaroons I have ever tasted made by a friend of my moms who sells at the Maui Swap Meet. The kona coffee dark chocolate almond kind are the best! There was also stick donuts from Kamoda's bakery, the ones you have to stand in line for and are always sold out! I also had mochi from Maui Specialty Chocolates. Mochi is a Japanese dessert, but these weren't just any mochi, they were the peanut butter and chocolate kind and dark chocolate truffle kind!

One of the coolest things about keeping things local was the fact that I found out the one place I ordered online from, save-on-crafts.com is actually owned by a lady who lives here on Maui and is a neighbor of a friend of mine. This site I highly recommend for all your crafty, designing people out there, so affordable and so many choices! And I can't forget to mention all the wonderful trips to Savers I took this last month. Beautiful lace table cloths and lovely vases were found!

Hope this gives all of you who couldn't make it a little inside look at the night. I wish I had had more time to take more pictures, but I was too busy enjoying the company and the photo booth! More about the creation of that and my brand later!

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