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Nashville Sweethearts

Dear Shannon and Jay, You brought your Southern charm right here to Maui; it was evidenced in your laughter and genuine appreciation for every person you encountered. All evening it was about your love, but it also was about the entire experience of being on Maui, together, taking it all in. I hope these photographs bring to life the joy and sincerity that was packed into this evening because I know your family and friends back home are relying on them.

Jay, I am so glad you walked into Shannon's workplace and whisked her off her feet, it's obvious you continue to do that day in and out. Shannon, the way you fit into Jay's arms and the way your smile  turns heavenly in his presence brings all sorts of  romantics onto their feet for a standing ovation.

And me, well I am still recovering from the fact that whales that came out to play that night.





 Jay & Shannon-12


 Jay & Shannon-6


 Jay & Shannon-7


 Jay & Shannon-3


After a little beach time we all gathered to set out on a little adventure.

I was so delighted to have me an opportunity to photograph a wedding on a boat. What a unique and fun idea!

 Jay & Shannon-43

Shannon and I talked the week before and she said there was 90% chance of rain.

 Jay & Shannon-13

The night before we had thunder storms.

 Jay & Shannon-15

I reassured her this all meant there would just be a more beautiful sunset.

 Jay & Shannon-14

The boys of  the Mahana Nai'a were just the best, it really felt like family to be on their boat.

Here is John, taking it all in, the fact his friend decided to get married in Hawaii on his boat!

Thanks to Pastor Laki the ceremony was so heartfelt and full of laughter.

 Jay & Shannon-17

Every word spoken that night was full of emotion and intention.


 Jay & Shannon-16


 Jay & Shannon-19

I love the view of the Pali tunnel here, one we don't get to see often and a great backdrop here!


 Jay & Shannon-18


 Jay & Shannon-20


 Jay & Shannon-21

Lois put together such a vibrant bouquet full of orchids and every color of plumeria imaginable!

We all settled into the wonder of the sunset while Pastor Laki serenaded us.

 Jay & Shannon-23

Then we were off to go see the  whale show a bit closer!

 Jay & Shannon-24


 Jay & Shannon-25


 Jay & Shannon-26

Night fell on us quickly as we marveled at the whales and the beauty of what the day had unfolded.

 Jay & Shannon-27


 Jay & Shannon-28

I love this picture because somehow it makes me feel the breeze off the ocean and the peace over this evening.

 Jay & Shannon-31


 Jay & Shannon-257


 Jay & Shannon-32


It was so special and I hope Nashville has heard all about it. This is for sure, this Maui wedding photographer is still taking it all in.

 Jay & Shannon-10


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