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Maui Hawaii Wedding Photographer - Photographic Journal


My little sister and I took off for three days to Lanai. We both had some time off during fall break. She had never been and I, well, needed to s.l.o.w.... d.o.w.n. There is no greater place to do that.

The faithful West Maui's looking good and as we shuttled off.

I felt very privileged to stay right in Lanai city in a really wonderful old plantation house.

So quiet, so quaint. Every time I laid down, I fell asleep.

It was perfection.




We spent evenings up at Koele Lodge taking in the country air. We played a little pool, a little croquet and a little golf.





We made early mornings an adventure down to Hulopo'e Bay below Manele Bay Hotel. We did the hike to Sweetheart Rock and laid around hoping and praying the dolphins were going to to a little pod dance for us.




Guess what...no dolphins...this time:(

These banana crepes were from Canoe's, they were called the Jack Johnson and yes they tasted as marvelous as they looked. We stayed three days and ate at all three of the restaurants in town.

Here are some kickback locals cruisin' at the supermarket.


This is the perfect picture to reveal how most Lanai men spend their days.



So thankful for a quick restful adventure and for spending quality time with my sister.