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Maui Hawaii Wedding Photographer - Photographic Journal

My people.

Dear Shen & Megan, To be included in this extraordinary morning was not just a dream I didn't know I had but a privilege I still feel a bit giddy about. To have been around these years as a witness to the love you two grew through major life transitions, trials and travels made this morning feel weighty, a weight that will ground you for years and years of life TWOgether! I love it....like I love you two!

Your big sis!


Megan had been wanting to get in front of my camera for a while and their trip to Maui from California for a friends wedding was the perfect opportunity to have a Ku'uipo session to celebrate their love.  Shen snatched up the moment as the perfect opportunity to put a very special ring on a very special young lady! And me....well all I had to do is keep a secret NOONE  else knew about for three whole weeks!

We had intended to head to the south side for their morning session, but when my eyes caught this light over the ocean here in town I just had to stay put.

This is the look my brother gave my little sister (my assistant) just before he got on bended knee! Little did she know just what it meant.

A big fat love hug gave Shen a moment to give the big sister photographer the thumbs up.

The delight on their faces as they share with Megan's parents in California is so big and real here.

This one is my favorite.

It screams security.

To be by one's side for. ever. more.

The adventure I can see will be grand in each other's arm. Just come back to Maui to have some of those with me! Okay.....?!