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  Dear Tiana & Joey,

You know what? I like you two(: A lot. And not just because you love photography and let me do what ever creative impulse comes my way, but because you like people. From your engagement session to this Honeymoon session every where we went you talked with strangers, learned their names and took time to hug and kiss all your old friends too. It's like a party hanging out with you. And you make each other laugh, like crazy, and there is nothing I like better about a couple than that!  Oh yeah, an added bonus is your cool factor, let's just say I feel a little bit cooler every time I am around you. Good thing I get to see you often(:

I really think this is just the beginning, just the opening page to all that God has in store for your lives together. His love is already evident in your story, just keep letting Him grow you and cling tightly!!



These two were wise ones and chose to start their married life off with the simplicity of  an evening backyard dessert only wedding. Yes, I said dessert only(: Told you  they were wise ones!!

I should have probably started with a post of pictures from their wedding, but their session in front of the Lahaina Shores was just way too 'good fun' for me not to share first.

T & J rode around on their bikes all week long enjoying the West Side of Maui like they never have before. These first series of four pictures is classic Front Street.

 T & J-13

 T & J-14

 T & J-15

 T & J-16

Cool is their middle names.

I think they said they are looking to pick up some modeling/promo gigs for Ray Ban.

They stayed at the Lahaina Shores, which was certainly a hidden gem to me. It has an old time Hawaii  feel that is priceless.

 T & J-17

Picture above inspired by 'mokelife'...(: I scared.


 T & J-20

Mango love.

 T & J-24

Front street makes me happy.

 T & J-23

A few amusing drive by's.

 T & J-21

Tiana keeping it real.

I love a good tip toe kiss!

Oh and there is more.....


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