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this picture was my homework from the making things happen workshop i took this week. the time in the workshop stopped me in my tracks and made me timid to blog because, you see, i was changing. change does this to me, stops me in my tracks till i can recover, till i can wrap my brain around how it will flow out and into my life.  this change, this moment in time is what lara casey wanted us to capture with a self portrait. to have an image that would trigger these changes, the victories won, the fears chased away, the clarity gained and the visions captured.

taking pictures of myself are not high on the list of life's pleasures, something about it feels weird for me. but....i share because.....well........

somehow i have found the courage to share this with you because the workshop/lara was an amazing trigger to be totally and completely me.

the healthy, happy and whole me.

fact is, you deserve it, yes you, my friends. it's the fear and excuses that have kept me from being me and being confident you would like me.

you do. i know(:

and you'll like me.

you'll like me to coach your child, teach you to dance, shoot your wedding, laugh with you, make you coffee, take your picture and tell you i like you too.

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