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Ashley had one request for her Maui wedding, a black sand beach. Thankfully there is this beach; Oneuli in Wailea. As a Maui photographer I end up in the most stunning locations and I am endlessly in awe. But beyond the location and this rad sunset we had, I adored this group of people. Their love for these two was lavish. Tears and laughter, dancing and finding of coral hearts! They enjoyed each other and all Maui had to offer. I could go on and on about the simplicity and the thoughtful details and importance they placed on what really mattered. A wedding after my own heart.

And need I mention how incredible Ashley looked in her Katie May dress?!!!

Last thing I wanted to share was her reaction to her photos when I delivered them:

"AJJJJJJJAAAAAAAA! (That's me shouting your name!!!) holy cow - I'm speechless. Absolutely speechless. Thank you one million times over. "

And then I was speechless :)

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