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Love Out Loud // Maui Engagement Photographer

maui engagement photographer Silly yet so romantic at the same time!!! James and Nicole had this really fun connection that I just love to see as a Maui engagement photographer. I knew James in high school and it was great to see his playful nature has not disappeared with adult responsibilities. Nicole just laughed and loved it all, which was so beautiful to watch. These two are one of the most athletic couples I have known. In fact what James was enamored initially with how much Nicole could 'hang' with him in all of his adventurous ways! They are avid runners so it was great to see them literally take off as soon as we hit the beach at Maluaka. This beach was also very special to James because he grew up in ones of the houses on this road. To capture him in this time of life at this location meant a lot to me.

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