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lisa marie

She doesn't act like she knows this, but she is the life of the party. When I hear her fun laugh from across the room, I think, why am I not in a conversation with her? Bubbly, vivacious, obviously gorgeous and ultimately down to earth she will no doubt change your world, if you get to meet her. Lisa, your exuberant willingness to go with me on this adventure, with all of it's glorious moments was such a gift to me. Enjoy these and look at them in awe, the kind of awe you look at when you experience beautiful things God puts in your path. And don't worry there is many more to show for your time and talent!

Flowers have a particular appeal to my inspiration senses. Their individuality in the way they look, feel, smell and taste, yes this hippie child also has tasted flowers in her salad. I have yet to have a flower speak to me. But if they did the anthurium would speak only lovingly to me. Maybe because it is in the shape of a heart or maybe because it reminds me of the delicate wonders of Asia. You should see the white ones...well, maybe one day I will get to show you.