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la la la love story

dear angelina and vetea, 1.1.11 happened and 11.11.11 is quickly approaching and it's clear you, angelina, no longer have to wish for anything. and vetea, nothing stops you from enjoying what you have got, glad you have island back in your style. it suits you, playful and generous. the lives you two have created apart have made what your life will be together, truly exceptional. thanks for showing me how you have mastered some two person SUP and glad that blue truck didn't come back around the corner to get us. we should find someone to do the cammando hike with!angelina and vetea

angelina and vetea-10

angelina and vetea

angelina and vetea-11

angelina and vetea-7

angelina and vetea-6

angelina and vetea-3

angelina and vetea-22

classic love storyangelina and vetea-21

island boy meets island girl

angelina and vetea-14

for a time separated by an ocean

angelina and vetea-5

learning that their love

angelina and vetea-17

is strong

angelina and vetea-18

and should grow stronger

angelina and vetea-19

through forever.

angelina and vetea-16

also classic, the photo above containing my favorite moment of the day.

thanks vetea but this is a protected beach, no sharks please!

angelina and vetea-20

angelina and vetea-23

angelina and vetea-15

angelina.. you got some SUP style.

angelina and vetea-4

how sweet is this one all framed up!

can't wait to show you where the rest of this session was taken. did i mention these two were a dream to work with? cause they were in EVERY way!

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