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kA tirA

Katira, Thank you for the way you LOVE  to have your picture taken. It makes me smile that you want someone to follow you around for life and just snap, snap, snap all the day long! Well until you can afford me full time you got your dream for about an hour. And, wow, now I get it. If I had your looks and my face loved the camera like yours I would hire someone to follow me around with a camera too.

I hope a few of these inspire you and will make it to your new blog, website or at least Facebook page that you will create for your blossoming business. Your passion and creativity are fierce.


Katira Arak

Katira Arak-29

Katira Arak-27

Katira Arak-41

Katira Arak-21

If you saw the pictures that Wendy did for me earlier in the year you saw Katira's work. Yes, here she is working it out as a model, but I mean her work as a hair and makeup artist. She asked me to help her put together some pictures for her website and plus she let me play and have some fun. We had too many ideas to execute in one day. Expect to see her again. I know you won't mind.