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J & R

Dear Jenny & Romnick, I admire your young love. It appears steadfast in a wholehearted kind of way. Based on friendship, a deep acceptance of one another, a grand desire to glorify God and especially good fun!

I left your wedding in awe of the deep support and respect your family and friends have for you. I think that is evidence enough you will last.........many.......long......years.

With lots of aloha,


Photographing weddings of people that are dear to me is a treasure. This wedding in particular had many layers to it for me and for everyone involved.  The day started with rain all morning which made for some anxious #holdtherainwedon'thavearainplan prayers. And those prayers were heard for all the rain did was make for a cool and pleasantly overcast afternoon in Iao Valley at the Portuguese Garden. Minutes before the ceremony you could sense the deep emotion in Jenny's dad as he prepared to give away his youngest daughter. The up close moments I have to witness the well of feeling a dad can have in those moments is why I adore my job. But Kaleo took that task of giving away his daughter to another level and also chose to marry her. Beautiful. The Wai'au side of the family feels deeply, you can see in throughout the pictures of Jenny. Enjoy.

 jen & romnick


 jen & romnick-4


 jen & romnick-5


 jen & romnick-3



 jen & romnick-7


 Jenny & Romnick


 jen & romnick-11


 jen & romnick-8

 jen & romnick-13


 jen & romnick-14


 jen & romnick-12

 jen & romnick-15

I had to include both of those fist pumping pictures, especially because Romnick is a boxer!

 jen & romnick-17


 jen & romnick-19

 jen & romnick-20

Even today I don't know what prompted this face, but it is so amazing.

 jen & romnick-23

 jen & romnick-24

J & R...they made these decorations for the site. Yup. After this...they destroyed them with joy!

 jen & romnick-27

This next one I adore on a few levels.  One,  it shows the backdrop that is Iao Valley. Two, I have always wanted to shoot in a Kalo field and three, there is also a beautiful moody tone to the weather and their looks I adore.

 jen & romnick-29


 jen & romnick-31

 jen & romnick-34

 jen & romnick-41

If it had not rained like it did that morning there would have been no rushing river as a gorgeous backdrop!

 jen & romnick-39


 jen & romnick-44

 Jenny & Romnick-2

J & R....well they also made these too, all the centerpieces at the reception.

 jen & romnick-49

Sorry, I couldn't resist throwing in that picture of the dessert table. Oh my, Filipinos do dessert right! Oh and I think they fed the five thousand that night. So ono.

 jen & romnick-59


 jen & romnick-60

Oh did J & R get the party started right!

 jen & romnick-61


 jen & romnick-62


 jen & romnick-66


 jen & romnick-63

Yes. They  are cool and fun and beautiful and married!!!!!

 jen & romnick-46



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