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how this hawaiian gets through the winter blues.

FOOD! Well NEW foods to be specific. It started with the very pretty Cranberry beans I saw at my local produce store. Having the philosophy that beautiful things (especially those at $2 a pound) need to be enjoyed I bought them, not knowing the least bit about how to cook them or even what they tasted like.  A great recipe and a new love was found.

This little adventure got me thinking that I should make a habit of this. So each week I have set out to pick up strange things at the produce store each week. The more foreign the better; jicama, broccoli rabe, tomatillos. Kind of fun and I look foward to what's next. Which is what getting through winter, especially after the New Year, is all about for me.

I have even tried to find recipes that are not the typical. Tomatillos are most often used for salsa verde, but hearing the howling wind outside and noticing my toes which were oh so froze I opted for the Southwestern Corn Chowder. Surprisingly very good, to more people than just me, which can be a real test! Next time I will not include hominy and hope there will be fresh corn that I could use.

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