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Hike Unknown

My dad and I are alike in the way that we both adore a new adventure. Fortunately I was able to give him that on Father's Day.

My brother Daly just moved back from Oahu and so it felt like a treat to have one more sibling around.....we missed you Shen!  

Highlight number one: strawberry guavas! All. over. the. place!!!

We truly couldn't get enough. Just walk and pick and eat... walk and pick and eat!

Highlight #2: Pond with rope swing!

Highlight #3: Waterfall!

Highlight #4: Adrenaline rush down to the next waterfall. My dad followed me but everyone else just enjoyed the view.  These two pictures were taken by my sis and her GoPro!

This place felt like a playground.

We only found one fellow hiker that day.

I told you we could not get enough of these!

My dad even brought home a little seedling!

I have no idea what this hike is called, but it was a perfect day there! Love giving the gift of a new adventure!