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Haleakala and Tuscany Meet.

After studying architecture and Italian in college Aimee studied abroad in Italy and fell in love with the idea of being married in the Tuscan hills. Once she met her love, Matt, she realized that though her dream of a wedding in Italy was unrealistic she chose to find a theme for her wedding that reflected that passion. Where does Hawaii and Italy meet? Fields of lavender. As we were driving up Haleakala highway to the Ali'i Lavender farm for Aimee and Matt's Ku'uipo session I was calming some of the fears they both had about being in front of the camera. I mentioned to Aimee that I thought she should feel pretty comfortable with me. She responded with 'Yeah.... you are like a sister". Which meant the world to me, cause she has two other pretty amazing sisters. Aimee and I met in high school and the incredible highs and lows we experienced then truly have served as foundation for a deep and long lasting friendship.

There is a trust between these two that is so incredibly unspoken and comes alive even stronger each time they other's arms.

And yes, looking at these pictures it is hard for me to believe these two had any fears about being in front of the camera.

And if you haven't noticed they like to laugh. Aimee at Matt. Matt at Aimee. For no reason at all. For all the right reasons. And to simply make life more fun.

This shoot was so quintessential upcountry. Slightly overcast, perfect temperatures, amazing views and blooming jacaranda tree's.


Aimee, you have never looked so beautiful....you must be in love! And Matt thank you for how you have made Aimee's world a whole lot more fantastic.