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God, Boys and Dance

Kristin and I have put many miles together on the open road. We have sufficiently covered much of the East Coast and easily ventured down south and over to the midwest on some of the best road trips. I could easily boil down what we spent our time talking about in the long car rides; God, boys and dance. So this is how I  went about starting my maid of honor speech at her wedding.  The rest of speech, well that is between me and the honored guests at her wedding.

So yeah, I am holding her dress in the picture above right and I loved doing that, but I didn't do a lot of that during the day.  And I didn't have the privilege of being the official photographer, and yet you will see, I still took lots of pictures.  I was so thankful that Kristin wanted me to have my camera in hand. We even considered walking with my camera down the aisle and taking a few during the ceremony. I am really thankful I opted out of doing that. Instead I bawled my eyes out and laughed really hard standing there witnessing two of my best friends getting mmmmaaauuuuwwwwiiiiieeeddd.

Two of Kristin's fabulous ballet friends did our hair, here is Laney's  gorgeous creation. Usually she creating amazing ballets.

Herein begins the endless talk about how incredible Kristin is with her DIY skills. She truly did it for the love of saving money and the joy of getting crafty. Below to the right is a completely handmade hair piece she wore at the reception. To the left, a sexy dancer leg!

A father's reaction doesn't get much better than this. Bob, oh how you love her!!!

Here is Matt of Fig Tree Photography, the main man of the day. He is a former dancer himself that I met the first year I was in Philadelphia. So good to watch him at work and not be afraid to get him in my view doing his thang!

This is why I we are best friends, because of her great sense of humor and the fact she would think it's cool I am posting these!

This is the doll that made the day happen. Talk about having everything under control. Peggy is another fellow coworker of Kristin's and she took care of more than the details so the day was super seamless. What a career she could have in wedding planning!

Take notice of our cute bouquets. HANDMADE OUT OF PAPER! I can remember many a weekend during the months leading up to the big day hearing about the thousands of paper flowers Kristin and Dan were making. It was amazing to see it all come together like it did.

Here are more paper flowers lining the church pews.

And that dear friends is our pastor in the background, really 'making' this picture!

On our drive to reception at the Merion Tribute House, the cute couple snacked on ....Swedish Fish.

Every detail on this table was also hand made. The special touch I love is the rocks in the vases straight from Kristin's favorite place in the world, Northport, MI.

The wine boxes were decoupaged and made with a slit on the top to put these cards in. A note was written on the back and the number of the box determine what anniversary Dan and Kristin would read the postcards.

The fabulous cake was made by a dear friend ours and was some of the best carrot cake I have ever tasted. The cake topper, of course, hand painted by Kristin and Dan.

The last and final little DIY moment was their first dance. Kristin choreographed an adorable piece to the Colbie Caillat 'Lucky'.

And. this. is. my. beautiful and fabulous Kristin, to whom I know my speech didn't come close to doing justice in exclaiming just how dear she is to me and how overjoyed I am that her and Dan are together. for. ever.