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For Hana's Sake.

  One of the things I determined to do when moving back to Maui was to find my way to Hana more often. There are many reasons, but most of them can't be quite understood till you go. This was my fifth trip from this last year so I can certainly say mission accomplished. My brother came home for Christmas and so we took off for the day!

This was a quick.....stop before I get sick all over your car kind of stop.

And this was a quick...... stop I need some of that chipotle chocolate ice cream made out of coconut kind of stop.

The familiarity of Hana this year really helped me go beyond the sort of typical pictures I would take in Hana.

We missed my other brother who couldn't make it out from LA this Christmas. Hana makes him happy too.

The weather is in Hana is so sporadic and fun in the winter, driving around one bend it's pouring rain and then the next bend it will be perfectly sunny. 

My sister took this picture. It's my favorite. I think it was an accidental picture, but this was quite the lovely accident because it really has the feeling of the view you get as a passenger on the way to or from Hana side.

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