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Creamy Ocean

I have an iPhone, but who doesn't these days right! And those who don't wish they did....okay... did I get any eyes rolling at me?! One of the many reasons I wanted an iPhone was to have a good camera with me all the time. This little camera is proving to have more capability than I thought and really opening up my creative eyes. Take a look at this image of the ocean over Ma'alaea  at sunset. What I love about it is the way the water looks so creamy and has movement to it. This is something I thought was only possible by adjusting the shutter speed on my professional camera.

Thanks to Photojojo's newsletter about Phoneography I learned a new trick that I want to share with you. Here it is in their words:

"When your phone takes a photo in HDR mode, it’s really taking several photos at once and averaging them all together to make one “perfect” picture. We found that if we shake the phone while making a photo in HDR mode, the results can end up looking a lot like old-school double exposures!"

I personally didn't shake the camera, but slid it to the side to make this effect. It is so fun to see the results because they aren't always predictable. Go try it and show me what you come up with on my Facebook photography page. I would love to see and while you are at it, go there and 'like' my page and be entered into a giveaway for a $50 gift card to B&H Photo. You can also be entered by commenting here on my blog. Maybe leave me your favorite phoneography tip.

I have joined a group of photographers who are doing monthly photography challenges. Go check out fellow Hawaii photographers Alisa Grieg and Jeffrey who also did beautiful posts about water today and.... happy phoneography!