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Dear Ben & Jess,

When we first met last year I chose for us to meet at Pertucci's and I just loved the look on your faces as you were telling me your story and, Ben, you realized that this was indeed the place you two had decided to 'officially' start dating. I had that amazing feeling I was exactly where I was meant to be.

Your story goes back further than that commitment over ice cream! I have lost track of the dates that tell the full story, but what I do know is that your very real love for each other has been ebbing and flowing as naturally as the tide of the ocean. The best part is that it finally got expressed last Friday in the tidal wave of a party called your wedding!

Seriously, a parttttaaayyyyyy!!!

Looking forward to visiting Phoenixville often and meeting you two at Pertucci's to hear of all the delights your everyday love story will bring you.




I walked into the Starczewski home and this is one of the first things I saw. It was instant inspiration and reminder of why I do what I do. Priceless!

 Ben and Jess Potts-2

Dad helping son with his tux, yes I think it could possibly be more priceless than the above.

 Ben and Jess Potts-4


 Ben and Jess Potts


 Ben and Jess Potts-3

Jess had one of those dresses that dreams are made of, needless to say it came with instructions and thankfulness she had plenty of help to put it on.

I spoke with Ben & Jess about seeing each before the ceremony and they were adamantly against the idea, but months down the line they changed their minds.

 Ben and Jess Potts-7

And for moments like these I am so glad they did.

They were floating and just resting in the comfort of each others arm.

 Ben and Jess Potts-8

And for moments like this I know they were SO glad they did(:

 Ben and Jess Potts-10


 Ben and Jess Potts-12

This is my favorite, Ben you are so genuinely head over heels!

And Jess may you always look at him this way when he plays you songs on the piano.

 Ben and Jess Potts-14

The bridal party I have nicknamed Sass and Swagger. Hopefully you can see why.

 Ben and Jess Potts-16

Jess' dad did not know he was in the picture. I for sure did!


 Ben and Jess Potts-19


 Ben and Jess Potts-21

Here is proof seeing each before the ceremony does not lessen the glory of watching your bride walk down the aisle.

 Ben and Jess Potts-22


Father Jeff at the Church of the Good Samaritan in Paoli announcing that it's official, Mr and Mrs Potts.

 Ben and Jess Potts-23

 Ben and Jess Potts-25



 Ben and Jess Potts-28

Yes friends, Sass and Swagger, down at the Curtis Center in Philadelphia.

 Ben and Jess Potts-29


 Ben and Jess Potts-31


 Ben and Jess Potts-32


 Ben and Jess Potts-33


 Ben and Jess Potts-37


 Ben and Jess Potts-46


 Ben and Jess Potts-48

This picture does not do justice to the moment because you can't hear the original song Ben and Jess wrote and recorded for their first dance!

This guy owned the reception. And for good reason, boy has got skillz!

 Ben and Jess Potts-50

 Ben and Jess Potts-51

Priorities here on the blog, I must keep to my priorities!

Glad to get this nameless move captured by the lady in the shiniest dress and tallest heels!

I understand now why these two chose the Curtis Center for their reception, it was almost as grand as the party they were going to have on the inside. Seriously, there was not a moment of downtime and no limit to the surprises that night.

 Ben and Jess Potts-56

Ben and Jess this is just a taste of the images that are YOUR wedding day!

May you be feeling the sweet Punta Cana breezes in your hair Ben and Jess!

 Ben and Jess Potts-30

Thank you Jason for literally having my back all day, even keeping me out of traffic!


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