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Bachelorette Parrrtttaaayyyy!

I knew I wanted to throw a really special Bachelorette Party for Kristin, something unique and fun without any penis pops in sight! Ha ha, what to do?! As you know from my last post Kristin is super artsy and crafty. What would be worthy a her last single night?! Not necklace making or even bar hopping....glassblowing(: I think the idea had been brewing since one of my friends was taken out on date glassblowing.

East Falls Glass took amazing care of us in truly every way.

With 2000 degree heat  around, of course we had to sign our lives away and wear the cutest of cute safety glasses.

Did I mention Kristin had no idea what we were going to do that night? Here Kristin is doing some pre-glassblowing stretching.

Yes here the girls are cheering her on....as it dawned on all of us just exactly how appropriate glassblowing was for a bachelorette party. Who knew? I didn't(:

We had two instructors that were so helpful, they walked us step by step through the process of ornament making and they put up with all of our shenanigans too.

Reconnecting with my fellow goofball friends over safety goggles.

We ended the night at the Melting Pot by helping Kristin indulge in chocolate and lingerie!

I wasn't sure whether to post about this or not, but I wanted to maybe help some other Maid of Honors out there trying to plan a different and unique night. I have no doubt it was  a perfect night. Thanks ladies!