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307 Cartwheels

Valley Isle Gymnastics (VIG) is one of my other homes. You know, I have my  home behind the camera, another one behind my happy laptop. Just a few places I spend lots of my time.  VIG hosts an annual cartwheel festival to benefit Special Olympics on Maui and it was a privilege to take some photos of this very fun, yet dizzying event. I thought I would share some of these because who doesn't love a cartwheel? The gymnasts try to do as many cartwheels as they can in 20 minutes and the Special Olympics athletes do as many jumps as they can on the trampoline. They are sponsored financially according to the number.

 Cartwheel Festival-51



 Cartwheel Festival-179


 Cartwheel Festival-78


 Cartwheel Festival-181


 Cartwheel Festival-248

Rest was highly encouraged.

 Cartwheel Festival-246


 Cartwheel Festival-253


 Cartwheel Festival-245

So were water breaks.

 Cartwheel Festival-260


 Cartwheel Festival-243

Did I mention the dizzy moments?

Oh and the happy moments?

 Cartwheel Festival-144

And the numbers were big!!!




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