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Belinda & Brad

Brad makes the perfect space for Belinda not only in his arms and in his jokes, but in his heart. And Belinda exudes the confidence of one loved and the beauty of life enjoyed with him. Their wedding did not go as dreamy as it was planned due to some of the chaos of 9/11. So they dreamed of this little celebration, and though they had to dodge some rain from earlier in the day I think they felt the full redemption in all the beauty that unfolded. Dear Belinda & Brad,

After watching you two have such an intimate, quietly sweet and perfectly heartfelt vow renewal, I can see how you have stayed in each other's arms for the last 10 years. I love your story, that you simply had to be together since the day you met.

Thank you for adoring each other in a way that makes me want to take so many pictures and thank you for being perfectly grateful for the chance you had to declare your love in this way. May you live in these pictures taking the passion you have for each other into the next 60 years.