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Camping.....Hana style!

I have never been much for words. Words are not my 'go to' source of expression. It's why I found dance at a young age and also why I instinctively chose photography. No words required. However sometimes words or lack of words doesn't do enough to express a feeling inside. Yes I am saying these images are not enough for you to understand. This is the case with Hana, the east side of Maui, the true back country of the island. It's holds a certain weight of emotion, heavy with memories and nostalgia. I am so blessed, even though it's a trek, it really is in my backyard.  

Here is little Ivy. She likes the camera. A lot. But what I think she is saying is that she likes me. Maybe that is why she growls at me!




My tent is the one in the back. Mattress and all! If you can get used to the constant wind in Kipahulu camping is a dream. 

Ivy making her first s'more ever with grandma!






The list of important events that I have shared with this family is very long. They know me, they know how to make me laugh and they know how to take care of me.  And they know a few too many ugly stories about me!









This is the picture I took right before I lost my hat to the wind. It was worth the loss.

Nah! I neva wen lose um!

I climbed down the lava rocks, despite the sign that says drowning is a once in a lifetime experience and got, what is now a really cool rescued hat!


How big should I enlarge this? I want it big on my walls!



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