Ajja Photography: Maui Hawaii Wedding Photographer

About Ajja Photography

Ajja has been a Maui Photographer for over 10 years. Her love the natural setting of Maui in the most beautiful places at the most stunning time of day make her images powerful.


Wedding + Elopement photographer based in Maui, Hawaii.
Capturing love stories for 10+ years.
Can usually be found surfing my favorite break by my house after a morning coffee, relaxing with my friends in the backyard, belly laughing uncontrollably, snuggling Maila, my puppy, adventuring to a nearby waterfall or choreographing dances in the studio.
Has a love affair with the outdoors, quiet moments of solitude and the mysteries of love and God. 


Want to know more?
I grew up on Maui where I spent my childhood playing at the beach and doing gymnastics and dance. My parents were the ultimate role models and I observed them as successful entrepreneurs and kind, heart-centered people. This foundation is the reason I am who I am today. 

Like most curious souls, when I was old enough to leave the nest, I ventured beyond my home to explore the world. My nest happened to be an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean so I had a lot to discover out there. When I felt ready, I returned to Maui where I am continually inspired to create. Photography is only one of my artistic pursuits. My true love is dance and choreography is my happy place when I feel alive. I teach at my childhood dance studio and its a wonderful feeling to give back to the community who shaped me. 

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I capture elopements too. 
After nearly a decade of photographing destination weddings, I noticed that a lot of my clients were looking for something different and truly original. They wanted an untraditional wedding experience that was intimate, nature-driven, understated and highly personalized. I founded my other photography company, Elope Maui with these couples in mind. My clients tend to be bohemian spirits who regard adventure and travel as tops. They pride themselves on forging their own path. 

Elope Maui offers couples everything from simple ceremonies of love in a gorgeously remote slice of Hawaii, to a full-day wedding adventure, curated to showcase their client's sensibility with effortless ease.  

Check out my Elope Maui body of work here


Images by Wendy Laurel Photography